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Very Awesome

I've been looking forward to this a lot since your first episode came out. I was hoping that this one wouldn't go the way of MoreLikeBlue and just disappear after a while. Glad to see you guys are carrying on the tradition of high class humor and sheer awesomeness.
The flash was a bit lacking on the continuity side of things, but since this series is based off of random events (so to speak) I love it just the same.

The Savior

You have, quite literally, become my favorite person right now. That is EXACTLY what I wish would happen to the real little . . . you get the point.

Thanks for your genious and awesomeness!

One of the best ways to portrey an annoying song

Loved the animation. It definately did justice to the pain this song causes. I'd off myself too given the circumstances.

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I have to say

This has got to be THE greatest game ever. Not only does it appeal to us Newgrounders primal desire to destroy things, but it also does it in an entertaining way. It's not many games that I chuckle to myself while I play it. You did a fantastic job both with the physics of the trebuchet and with the humor and fun of the game. Going into my favorites right now and I guarantee I'll play it again. Excellent work.

Physics Engine or not

that was a fantastic game. I had a load of fun playing it, even if it was frustrating at times. Loved the concept and loved the game.

Better than seafood

And coming from me, that's high praise. loved the game, loved the concept, loved the graphics, loved the fish (yum). Everything about this screamed "I'm functional AND origional!"

Beat that super mario clones!

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. . .

I almost fell asleep listening to this, and that's exactly what I expect in this type of relaxing music. Fantastic job, all around!

I've gotta agree with the headbanging

I'm rockin out to it man. Nice job. Love the bass.


Really good remix of it. I like how you played with the sounds to kinda get that absent-sound effect if you know what i'm sayin.

This account is now under command of NDI Studios and will be treated as a tentative branch til such a timie that one of us learns flash (maybe). All support is welcome!

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