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Now part of NDI Studios

2009-05-05 00:00:45 by Cyto-Metroid

Hey there guys, despite the fact that NDI Studios doesn't have a strong presence on Newgrounds, we'd like to change that up a bit. Hopefully (god willing) one of us will learn flash to submit something meaningful to the Flash Portal, but until that time we'll keep slapping our Audio on the Audio Portal. If you don't know what NDI Studios is, I highly suggest following the website link over there on the left and check it out, I guarantee you'll enjoy yourselves! Thanks to all who support!

NDI Studios Website

Blog? Post? Whatever!

2008-05-15 23:59:54 by Cyto-Metroid

So hey guys, girls, or whoever happens across this blog thingy. The name's Ben, and I have no idea how to work flash. However, I do have a love of short film making and song writting. The songs are of course posted here, however a more expansive list can be found at the myspace page.

In addition, this profile is a branch of the Nth Degree Innovation Studios, which deals in short films, video games, music, and other such technologic things. The relevent links are posted at the bottom.

I'd like to take the time to thank anyone who took enough time out of their day to listen to the music, check out anything else, or even visit this blog-post-whatev thing.


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